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Daniel Quotes

"Actually, we drew
straws......I lost......"
-Shades Of Grey

"I feel like I'm the
victim of the biggest
practical joke...ever!"

"You have to tell me
-The Crystal Skull

Daniel was the only person from the
original mission to remain behind on
Abydos. He married one of the
inhabitants, Shau'ri.

His wife was kidnapped by Apophis,
and became a host for Amonet.
He joined SG-1 in hopes of finding
and saving his wife.

Later Sha're had captured the inhabitants
of Abydos, who called to SGC for help.
While SG-1 was dealing with the Jaffa,
Daniel went to talk with Sha're. She
caught him in a ribbon device to try
and tell him the location of her child,
nearly killing Daniel in the process.

Teal'c had to fire his staff to save
Daniel, and being a Jaffa had too
good an aim - killing Sha're.
She died next to Daniel, and
with her last breath professed
her love for him *SOOOOOB*

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