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Daniel Quotes

"Actually, we drew
straws......I lost......"
-Shades Of Grey

"I feel like I'm the
victim of the biggest
practical joke...ever!"

"You have to tell me
-The Crystal Skull

"The simplest things
were a wonder to her."
-Forever In A Day

"This is the cup we
both drank out of at
our wedding *sob*"
-The D You Know

Dr. Jackson is a member of SG-1,
so obviously he rubs elbows with
them a lot. Once in a while he
goes off with another research
team such as SG-11.

He and Major Carter have a good
working relationship. They
have much in common, both
being scientist types.

Jack and Daniel means friction.
Even though Daniel thinks he
is an ass, they seem to like
each other more than they let on.

Daniel has great respect for
Teal'c, but there is also some
tension between them because
of the Sha're incident.

Some other archaeologists he
works with from time to
time are Nyan and dear
Dr. Robert Rothman who
in the words of O'Niell
"Couldn't figure out
an ash tray" :)

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