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General Information

Dr. Daniel Jackson is an avid archaeologist
and mythologist. He is fluent in over 23
languages, mostly of ancient origins.

He is on the shorter side, and is very handsome.
He does not enjoy handling weapons, but is not
afraid to use one if there is a need.

Dr. Jackson was a member of the original
mission to Abydos, and has been a member of
the SGC practically ever since.

Daniel's Relatives

Dr. Jackson's parents died when he was
very young. The circumstances are unclear,
however, they seem to have died in some
kind of museum accident.

His only known living relation is Nick Ballard,
his Grandfather, who is currently conducting
research on the planet P7X-377.

Daniel and Sha're

Daniel was the only person from the original
mission to remain behind on Abydos. He married
one of the inhabitants, Shau'ri.

His wife was kidnapped by Apophis, and became
a host for Amonet. He joined SG-1 in hopes of
finding and saving his wife.

Later Sha're had captured the inhabitants of Abydos,
who called to SGC for help. While SG-1 was dealing
with the Jaffa, Daniel went to talk with Sha're.
She caught him in a ribbon device to try and tell him
the location of her child, nearly killing Daniel in the process.

Teal'c had to fire his staff to save Daniel, and being a Jaffa
had too good an aim - killing Sha're. She died next to Daniel,
and with her last breath professed her love for him.

Daniel's Co-Workers

Dr. Jackson is a member of SG-1, so obviously
he rubs elbows with them a lot. Once in a while he
goes off with another research team such as SG-11.

He and Major Carter have a good working relationship.
They have much in common, both being scientist types.

Jack and Daniel means friction. Even though Daniel usually can't
stand him, they seem to like each other more than they let on.

Daniel has great respect for Teal'c, but there is also some
tension between them because of the Sha're incident.

Some other archaeologists he works with from time to
time are Nyan and dear Dr. Robert Rothman who in the
words of O'Niell "Couldn't figure out an ash tray" :)

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