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----------------- Daniel Fans -----------------

Lady Elwing ::: Stargate Anoria
I like Daniel because he is
kind and understanding, yet has
a stubborn streak to him. Most
of all because he is an Egyptologist.
"That's...that's it? Whatever happened to
working through the night? I'd to it for you..."

Maria ::: Daniel Jackson.Com
Who wouldn't be completely taken by his gentle
strength, his compassion, his humour, his suffering
*HUGS!!(lots of!)* his intelligence, his commitment and
the never ending source of hope and energy he has!
I mean after all he's been through!

There's a really good example of this in the movie.
Daniel sweety is in the lecture hall and almost
everyone walks out. But he doesn't stop, he gets off
the stage and continues talking to the sole survivor
of his audience who is probably just too polite too leave!
Immediately this made me a devoted fan of
much commitment, so much passion for his work and
absolutely refuses to give up hope! I good example for
us all! Always look on the bright side of life!
Uh oh, I think Iím deadĒ - TBFTGOG

Sheila Williams ::: Daniel Fanlist
I just love the way he is the way he won't let
anything stop him if he knows he's right and
all. I just love the way everything about him.
There is not enough words really. This
character is just to dang cute and . I love
his strenght and his commintment to sgc
and his friends. He's just an all time
sweetheart with a heart of gold.

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